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Hun Sen Thief of legislative elections of July 2013

by Mr OU chal

Dear all,

Lotus_Revolution_jpg_700Hun Sen, Khmer Prime Minister and Thief of legislative elections of July 28, 2013, has vociferated that the 2/3 vote system to create NEC by National Assembly is an act destructing democracy. It’s dictator Hun Sen fearing power loss that kills democracy in Cambodia, not the vote system of 2/3 or 50%+1! In his quality as former Khmer rouge, Hun Sen is not entitled to give lessons of democracy to Cambodian People. Indeed, after the end of WWII, Italy has changed its government one or two times per year. That’s not meant Italy has been fallen into anarchy. It remains the real democratic and free state in the EU. Due to Hun Sen CPP as Indochinese communist party puppet of Hanoi, Cambodia has been currently becoming an unconstitutional state of non-law, with no respect of human rights, with flawed practice of democracy. Frontier posts in Svay Rieng Province ( districts of Rumduol, Romeas Hek … ) were mobiles, having legs to move and span rivers, canals, rice fields, roads and forests, travelling from Vietnam to be built in lands, villages, paddy fields, lakes, rivers and forests of Cambodia. But on the contrary, frontier posts in Cambodia have no mobile legs to travel into Vietnamese lands. Continuer la lecture de Hun Sen Thief of legislative elections of July 2013