Cambodia: Its Neighbors…& Khmer Lotus Revolution!

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Its People, Its Leaders, Its Neighbors…& Khmer Lotus Revolution!


khmer lotus revolutionDear Compatriots,
Cambodia was caught in an international whirlwind, since more than a century, without being able to hang on to a firm stance or escape unscathed: World wars, the Cold War, Decolonization, Indochina War, Decline of communism, Survival of feudal societies, Rise of Democracy, Global economic development, Emergence of new super-powers, Revolution … Poverty, underdevelopment, genocide,  current Vietnamese colonization … results of endemic obscurantism of people  voluntarily maintained by succession of leadership impregnated by  dictatorial and feudal cultures, backward  and archaic mentality at odds with international communism (including China …) and regional events ( colonialist and persistent aims of annexation by neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Thailand …). Without neglecting influences from distant western countries including Europe and the United States … Cambodia today remains a country to be freed: from the darkness of feudalism, communism, colonialism and dictatorship of Vietnamese royal – Communist Khmer Rouge CPP – Hun Sen, in order to install a regime respecting Human rights, enjoying the democracy,  ​at the service of regional and global peace.

1. Khmer People and their Leaders.

Since the French protectorate (1863-1953), Khmer people considered as indigenous without right, poor and ignorant, were treated like sheep in French Indochina, exploited and manipulated to its mercy. This disrespect was maintained voluntarily by political and feudal monarchy of Sihanouk resorting to Buddhist charity demagoguery like Preah Vésandor (legendary avatar practicing charity to extreme poverty …), imposing the isolation of his kingdom in order to better establish the blind obedience of People, unlike Thailand that is very open aiming to instill from the inside the love of Thai people for their king. Sihanouk was thinking as a god-king (omnipotent therefore arbitrary …), played politics, unlike other sovereigns in the world. By engaging in this ambivalent game, he got to the judgment of his peers. He was trapped, because the policy is subject to democratic discussion course that Sihanouk could neither tolerate nor accept. However, he was better accommodated to the communist ideology whose dictatorship was justified by the power of the people or workers. He resorted to demagoguery. It was his Achilles heel which Mao Zedong and Chou En Lai exploited to spread in his kingdom the international communist ideology and enjoyed by Ho Chi Minh to expand his colonialism in Indochina leading to genocide under Pol Pot and the current Vietnamization through the Khmer Vietminh (including Heng Samrin, Pen Sovan, Chea Sim, Hun Sen …). Sihanouk whose the divine and the human (absolute and unfinished) mingle inextricably and unfortunately causing immeasurable damage to the Khmer people. He juggled with the Cold War, by marrying (verbally) the ideological non-alignment of Nehru, Nasser, Sukarno, Tito … to be admitted by the great, admired by his people and cling to his so fragile power at the time. It was like a sleepwalker walking on a tightrope suspended over the abyss. He proudly ordered the shooting or condemnation of opponents such Preap In, Sam Sary or others  … for treason or lese-majesty … There was a marvel character but often frightened and hurt … because he had no good grip in this whirlwind of political-ideological world of his time. This deep fear dictated him permanent change of his policy. Unprincipled, he remained true to himself as prince changing! He became both the prey and the target of the great powers at the expense of his isolated and ignorant people. A king friend of the Chinese Communists (Mao Tse Tung, Chou En Lai …) and Vietnamese (Pham Van Dong …) who abused his political lightness. Currently, the CPP  continues to operate his already very pale image on the people to perpetuate the Vietnamese colonization of Cambodia. Fidel Castro called him Prince of operetta! Sihanouk, a patriot? Why did not he return to Phnom Penh at the request of Sirik Matak and Lon Nol, in the 70s, to defend his kingdom against the invasion of Viet Cong? Why he sent back the UN CIC (Canada, Poland and India), in the 60s, who noted the presence of Viet Cong in Cambodia violating the Geneva Agreement on Indochina in 1954? He  was voluntary or duped puppet of Ho Chi Minh unbeknownst to the Khmer people and leaders ? Carriage of ammunition and food and weapons via Kompong Som to caches and shelters along the eastern frontier, it was thanks to him! Was he  fear of reprisals from Hanoi and Khmer Vietminh, -their victory foreshadowed in advance-, that  advised him to anticipate the event by allowing the Viet Cong to use footpaths and trails in eastern Cambodia named Ho Chi Minh tracks for future combat in South Vietnam, hoping moral recognition later from Hanoi? Decision under the influence of Monique, his wife of Vietnamese origin? In time of his tripartite alliance with Pol Pot and Son San to fight the Vietnamese annexation, Sihanouk later uttered bitter invectives against these invaders treating them like crocodiles and ungrateful, The Americans were familiar with the evidence: they bombed the eastern borders of Cambodia. In short, Sihanouk mentally was like a dog paralyzed with fear at the approach of the tiger, making drag its behind, anticipating in advance the inevitable killing by the tiger, unable to escape on all four paws! The Khmer People adage  called their kings crazy (Luong Chkuot) and the King’s worshipers crazy fans of the King (ChamKuot Luong)! Sihanouk wounded in his self-esteem was afraid of becoming mere populace using the same people language: the first Khmer Republic proclaimed by Lon Nol and Sirik Matak thus became his worst  institutional enemy! He chastised by an unprecedented genocide of more than 3 million deaths! Why raise him as a hero in his lifetime? The Khmer history already judges him as a criminal and undemocratic making condemn or kill without remorse patriots struggling for independence (Achar Hem Chieu, Achar Sva, Po Kambaur His Quy Son Ngoc Thanh …), accusing them as traitors to the nation. He helped pollute the royal language demeaning to penetrate the dummy divine essence behind his royal family feudal contemptuous vocabularies contrary to the principles and respect of human rights. Here is an example: Toul Preah Bangkum Som aun  Kay Sampeas Preah Ang Krom Laang Thouli Preah Bat: As Subject Person dependent on Your Divine Majesty, I request you permission to bow and prostrate myself Under the Dust of Your  Divine Feet …. In the name of democracy and human rights, this regime will disappear naturally after his death. An inevitable and necessary 2nd Khmer  Republic will replace his monarchy! During his lifetime, he did not dare to testify at Khmer Rouge tribunal at the request of Khieu Samphan’s lawyer, second chief of the Pol Pot’s regime after Sihanouk. Finally, he took with him, like Pol Pot and Hitler … the secret of genocide  returning to die in  Beijing on 15 October 2012, after unfortunately still lied and reassured his subjects a few days earlier that he didn’t return there, even bringing Chinese doctors at his bedside in Phnom Penh so he could stay with his people. He didn’t earn the title of courageous King,  self-assigned and adopted by  royal-communist leaders and sycophants? Now royal-communist Vietnamese regime hypocritically began to restore the  too light image of the monarchy to win tactically and cling to power.
Currently, Cambodia is in a very unstable area because of Sihanouk’s irrational spectrum (hallucinated  Sihanouk’s face on the moon, created and given wide publicity after his death…) cynically maintained by China, Vietnam and Hun Sen CPP to perpetuate their hold on Cambodia. Why Communist China and Vietnam are they more royalist and Sihanoukist than the Khmer ? And why were they abolished, however, their royalties? Khmers should think very seriously! The people will get rid at all costs of this alienated mentality to liberate once and for all!
So far, no truth about the crimes of the colonialists and their puppets appears at Khmer Rouge Tribunal. By trying at all costs to restore the monarchy at the expense of its people, history  rejects Sihanouk at the dustbin of history like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Tito … Sihanouk, spoiled  child born in the royal family, chosen by France to rule, but preferring to play politics, and playing the game  of France yesterday and the annexation of Vietnam today. Surrounded by feudal notables and acolytes of the royal court, he devoted himself to politics regardless of what happened to his kingdom. His verbal and  international  non-alignment ideology was under  the control of China  and Vietnam, for reasons of economic aid and promises of protection against capitalist powers, including the U.S. and Western Europe…. The peace of his kingdom was artificial and only lasted into poverty and stagnation. And the worst happened: the unprecedented genocide of the Cambodian people (more than 3 million victims!). Chinese Communists of Mao Zedong have controlled  his country and his people  over his fate, by boasting his ego of the character. Sihanouk always wanted to be sacred (King, Head of state, Prime minister …), which was incompatible with the human world! At the end of his life, disgusted and disappointed by politics, he wanted to become a zombie in hell not to be reborn in the human world of politics so ungrateful!

2. Strengths and Weaknesses of Khmer People.

 Uneducated and without openness to the world, the Cambodian people will remain like sheep. Because the Khmer backward monarchy, unable to move and refuse  to take any positive lesson by rallying  successive selfish traitors, criminals and communists. It continues to falsify the true national history and make one for propaganda extolling the merits of fake royal-communist leaders. The Pol Pot regime, bloodthirsty regime and CPP-Hun Sen puppet Hanoi exploited this sub-cultural of the people as did China vis-à-vis the people of Tibet and Sihanouk. The  Cambodia and Laos people will inevitably deliver a new war in the early 21st century to liberate from their arbitrary leaders first and then from the colonialism of Communist Vietnam. Khmer leaders are selfish and narrow-minded fed of the feudal culture that prevents them from looking forward. Corruption, lawlessness and impunity are rooted in this culture! Before 1993, Sihanouk made politicians Khmer to believe that he choose a regime close to the third French republic. It was to lull the Khmer Republicans. In 1993, he demanded the departure of UNTAC  to concoct on the sly with his clan of royalists and communists Ranaridh, Sam Rainsy, Son San, Kem Sokha, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, Hun Sen, restoration … his second monarchy … under the blessing of Hanoi. Khmer cancer then continues to kill more people, from the inside, even after the death of Sihanouk. The Khmer Lotus Revolution is  first the Cultural Revolution education to change this mentality. Why Hun Sen, a Khmer Rouge anti-royalist, decreed three months of mourning for the death of Sihanouk? Division tactics to stem the revolt of the people against the dictatorship and betrayal! In fact, Hun Sen has always fought Sihanouk’s influence on people. No member of the royal family does not initially appear on the list of Commemoration Committee of 49 members solely composed of communist PPC. It was the Communist manipulation to deceive royalists. Everything is for the show of the puppet monarchy royal-communist Khmer Rouge. That’s also about the Constitution, the army, the police, the government, the National Assembly, the Senate, the Constitutional Council, the Throne’s Council, the National Election Committee, the Palace Staff, and the State finance … Everything is controlled by the CPP-Hun Sen, in the service of colonial Vietnam! CPP stigmatized the infatuations  of Sihanoukists extolling the achievements of Sangkum Reastr Niyum, by retorting that they were already destroyed by the Pol Pot regime. Current achievements are put to the credit of the CPP. But alas the younger generation will have to repay these Khmer 7-9 billion dollars of debt owed by Hun Sen! And territorial annexation by the Vietnamese, who is to blame? Hanoi was it not also the master of Pol Pot? The current CPP Khmer Rouge weren’t they the Pol Pot’s followers? Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc ) wasn’t it the bone of contention between Hanoi and Pol Pot? Hanoi   sets its heart on Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Pen Sovan, Hun Sen … because they had agreed to carry out its orders to annex Cambodia! Due to recent protests in all directions, Vietnam and Hun Sen hastily agreed the return of 23 October as a public holiday, without worrying about the content of this Paris Agreement so precious to Cambodia’s independence. What hypocrisy! Vietnam, the Khmer monarchy and the CPP Hun Sen are currently exploiting this background of feudal culture in order to strengthen the Vietnamese colonization, to reign and establish the dictatorship of Hun Sen. It is time for the people to wake up and throw down  Vietnamese colonization and Hun Sen-CPP dictatorship  and the anachronistic monarchy!

3. Neighbors of Cambodia ….

The fundamental problem for Cambodia is the Vietnamese colonization. We must help it to liberate from Vietnam, overthrow dictatorship of puppet Hun Sen PPC. After, the time comes to build a free and independent state respecting human rights. Otherwise, the UN and Europe attend idly the dictatorship and Vietnamization strengthening. Hanoi always harbored ambitions of colonial annexation vis-à-vis Cambodia and Laos.
The European Union of 28 nations urged Hun Sen-CPP regime to : 1. Respect Human rights. 2. Restructure the National Elections Council (NEC). 3. Stop the land expropriation. 4. Halt deforestation. 5. Combat corruption. 6. Combat impunity. 7. Release political prisoners …, with these requirements as conditions for the continuation of trade relations between Europe and Cambodia. Unfortunately, we find that the international community is still fooled by China, Vietnam, for 34 years. China and Vietnam signed the Paris Agreement of 23 October 1991, but for 21 years they have not applied it! The UN and Europe cannot force them to do so. China did not dare to reveal its heritage of positive or negative truths of Mao’s era. Khmer People victims are not entitled either to truths about actions of   Sihanouk , China, Vietnam … involved in the genocide. These two states have done everything to stifle. Khmer Rouge Tribunal supported by the United Nations will get rid of political interference Sino-Vietnamese Communists. Sihanouk recently back to Phnom Penh, returned to Beijing, in extremis to avoid testifying before the court, where he died of cardiac arrest! In the name of truth and justice, all the ins and outs of genocide must be called in to testify (case  003, 004 …)! Whether they are ministers of the current regime which Hor Nam Hong, Keat Chhon, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin, Hun Sen, Sim Ka …. They do not deserve to govern Cambodia in lawlessness and impunity … In China and Vietnam, from time to time, their leaders were renewed, sometimes expelled from the party and often tried, imprisoned for corruption, personal enrichment, embezzlement or misappropriation of social assets … Unfortunately, this is never the case in Cambodia! Calvary continues to crack down harder. Vietnam and China continue to exploit the cultural background of the monarchy and CPP Hun Sen dictatorship to annex and economically exploit   natural resources of Cambodia. Vietnam continues to trample the Sovereignty, Independence and Territorial Integrity of Cambodia, as if the Paris Agreement did not exist, and that Cambodia was still under its rule since the invasion of its troops, January 7 1979. Their leaders despise Cambodian people, nationally and internationally manipulating public opinion, in violation of the Paris Peace Agreement of 23 October 1991 of which Cambodia and Vietnam were the signatories.

4. Khmer Lotus Revolution.

For the Cambodian people, the Paris Agreement is very valuable and legitimate legal tool of liberation of their country. To recover Independence and defend the territorial integrity, Khmer people have no other choice but to fight a war of liberation! They must not vote in 2013 to no longer give power to traitor leaders. Thus, the leaders of the CPP-Hun Sen and opposition parties won’t be able to boast no more of their power offered by the people. Indeed, all Khmer leaders without exception have never specifically requested the cancellation of these treaties. This election will be traps! As Hun Sen and the CPP are puppets of Vietnam, controlling all power, all Khmer leaders including the king approve in fact the annexation policy by Vietnam. Cambodia therefore continues to lose its sovereignty and independence (contrary to Article 1 of the Paris Agreement). To regain the territorial integrity of Cambodia, Khmer people must no longer expect anything from elections or from their leaders. It should compel, by all means, Cambodia (Article 1) and Vietnam (Article 2) to cancel    1979-1982-1983-1985 treaties and the additive Treaty 2005. They have the right to do this under this Agreement. The other 19 signatories have no right to prevent them: they have the duty to help them (Article 4). Khmer Lotus Revolution will not be completed without achieving its three objectives, namely the departure of Vietnamese from Cambodia, the fall of Hun Sen and the installation of a free regime!

Founding Member
(Khmer Lotus Revolution)
DEA of Philosophy Sorbonne Paris
DESS Computer Documentary Lyon I &  ENSSIB

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