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khmer lotus revolutionDear all,

Finally, Phnom Penh Municipality has authorized Khmer Kampuchea Krom association to organize, on June 04, 2014, a Buddhist ceremony offering food to 1949 monks in Samakki Rainsey Pagoda to Mark 65th anniversary of abandonment of Kampuchea Krom (or Cochinchina) by France to Vietnam. But, the Authority has Prevented Organizers to Stage March or Seminar to find solutions to Liberate Kampuchea Krom. So, every year, it has been a Commemoration without positive results!
Indeed, since more than 35 years:

1/ Hun Sen has permitted Vietnamese frontiers advance in Khmer territory.
2/ Hun Sen has favored illegal entry of Vietnamese Settlers in Cambodia.
3/ Hun Sen has Prevented all actitvities of Liberation of Kampuches Krom ( Cochin china ) from Cambodia’s Territory.

In Cambodia, Hun Sen and CPP have disappeared several times. Continuer la lecture de Khmer-Lotus-Revolution

After a noisy Campaign in the sub national Elections ,What will CNRP Do?

Dear all,

  image001After a noisy Campaign in the sub national Elections for the Capital, Province, District and Municipality Councilors with Uneventful Results, What will CNRP Do? To Attend National Assembly by Treason or Boycott it by Respect to Khmer People’s Will to Liberate Cambodia? There will be Historic Decision Awaited by Khmer People since 10 Months. ! Hun Sen has been Nicknamed Thief and Traitor by Khmer People. If CNRP Attends National Assembly to Legalize the Parliament, Recognize the Thief Prime Minister Hun Sen, It will Become the Party of the Salvage of Thieves (CTRP) or of the Collusion with Traitors. Following Protests in Vietnam by angry insurgents against Chinese Occupation of Xisha’s islands ( or Paracelsus) by Burning ,looting and ransacking Chinese Factories in Vietnam, Chinese residents and Investors have fled to Cambodia, by Thousands. The Archipelago of Paracelsus belongs to Vietnam due to its proximity to Vietnam, rioters said! And yet why Vietnam, Situated at 50 km from Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc), Continuer la lecture de After a noisy Campaign in the sub national Elections ,What will CNRP Do?