The Lotus Revolution & The National Rescue!

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Cambodia: The Lotus Revolution  

& The National Rescue!

Dear compatriots,

Cambodia is sick with 3 cancers: Vietnamese  colonization , CPP-Hun Sen dictatorship and State of lawlessness. True rescue is to find the effective remedy to cure it of this triple epidemic.These 3 great challenges have been the main concerns of  the Lotus Revolution : Primo : recover the independence of Cambodia. Second : down the dictatorial regime CPP-Hun Sen. Tertio: once Cambodia will have regained its independence, install a free and democratic system. To cure this triple cancer need chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. The Lotus Revolution does not believe in the patching up treatment, reversing the priority of challenges, supported by the DMNR (Democratic Movement for National Rescue) asking khmer  people’s union behind it to participate in the legislative elections of July 28, 2013, unfortunately lost in advance because organized by the State of lawlessness  CPP – Hun Sen.The SRP and the HRP (or the DMNR) continue to naively believe in this elusive victory. Stubborn in this strategy of elections before the hour, it may involuntarily evolve into a Democratic Movement of Scuttling National, as it will pierce and voluntarily sink Cambodia boat by the travesty of democracy !

A. International Revolutionary Environment.

Why, at the beginning of the 21th century, Arab Nations chose revolutions to change their regimes? In Tunisia,  Egypt,  Libya (independent States, more or less corrupt and dictatorial…), to get rid of their leaders, they have resolutely opted for the revolutions…. With the Jasmin Revolution, the Tunisia could replace its regime almost as smooth and freely choose its new leaders by election. It has been the same to Egypt, but in a more bloody way. The Libyan revolution has been many more murderous. And the world is experiencing a tragedy of the Syrian people genocide committed by Dictator Bashar Al-Assad. In short, for all of these States, the revolutions were necessary and effective to free their peoples from dictatorships. And they have never applied to foreigners if they were to do so or not! For Cambodia, the issue is far more serious politically, ethnically, and territorially. First, the people must unite beyond the political parties to free their homeland from the yoke of Vietnamese. At the same time or after the devietnamization, they will have to bring down the dictatorship CPP-Hun Sen. Then, in the 3rd phase, they will have to build a regime by the help of all the nation. And it is only in the 4th phase that the political parties will have the freedom to refine their strategies to win the vote of the electors. Putting the cart before the horse, and unfortunately to plough the desert, like the DMNR, it will be still the mirage where opportunistic politicians, royalo-Communist Khmer rouge, corrupt, traitors, purchased by Hanoi and Beijing, pull chesnuts out of the fire, always at the expense of Cambodia and its people!

B. Political and Social Explosive Situation in Cambodia.

The national rescue is not to ignore it, or choke it, but to channel it for the efficiency of the liberation. Two political cleavages clashed since 1993: of the ruling, satellites and opposition parties, recognizing de facto this puppet State by their participation in the elections; and the majority of the people of disbelief, rebellious and independent including individuals and associations such as Association of Democrats of Mr Mam Sonando, Movement of Khmer People Power, Khmer Mchas Srok, Phteah Kakvei Khmer, the Lotus Revolution …, refusing the fate of the annexationist facts and fighting for the Vietnamese  decolonization,  the overthrow of dictatorship  CPP – Hun Sen and the installation of a State of law.

Which of the two divisions is hope?

The 1st cleavage will not be able to meet these 3 challenges, because the CPP – Hun Sen    controls  by force the apparatus of State and manipulates all the elections through the National Electoral Committee (NEC). The real profiteers are Viet Nam, China, CPP – Hun Sen, its leaders and Associates, the Royal family and opportunistic politicians and sycophants… In local elections rigged on 03 June 2012, the CPP has collected 1592 chiefs of commune (in seats: 8292 instead of 7993 in 2007); the SRP received 22 (in seats: 2155 instead of 2660 in 2007; the HRP, 18 (in seats: 800), and Funcinpec, 1 (in seats: 151 instead of 274) and the NRP, 0 (in seats: 52 instead of 425 in 2007). ) The battle of wills: (1 against 40) is too negative for the opposition.  At this pace, it will take at least 40 elections or two centuries for the hope of gaining. Unfortunately, it will be too late for the Cambodians to fight political, economic and ethnic Vietnamese colonization! A fortiori, even if opposition parties (United or separated) increased their seats in the legislative elections of July 28, 2013, they will not change the nature of the current regime, will not free Cambodia, because they were creators. With King Sihamoni ratifying the 2005 khmero-Vietnamese Treaty to save his throne, the Khmer people are difficult to see the margin of manoeuvre of these current royalo-Communist politicians to liberate their homeland already under the Vietnamese Cup.

Strategically in this Puppet State, the DMNR will work yet to make lose  Cambodia and its people! This is the powder that the DMNR is throwing in the eyes of the Cambodians. This is the illusion or more exactly the political imposture. Indeed, the CPP does not appear to be afraid of this union strategy, and reaffirmed its confidence in its victory in the elections of July 2013! Even with the dismantling of the NEC, the regime will still control all State instances and the public finance to win again the CPP. Indeed, after public displays of their distrust and mutual recrimination, their low inter-partis disputes (between members and members, between leaders and leaders…), can the SRP and  HRP  heal their wounds? Can they detect, avoid, neutralize, foil traps strained by CPP – Hun Sen and overcome human, legal, institutional and legislative obstacles set by Hanoi and Beijing-backed regime?

The 2nd cleavage refuses the fait accompli of colonization and the CPP – Hun Sen Dictatorship. It has no more confidence in this royalo-Communist traitor regime. The facts have given it reason, and since over half a century (June 04, 1949, date of loss of Cochinchina to the Viet Nam). Cambodia is sick of the Khmer rouge royalo-Communist regime and died of this triple cancer. Var Kim Hong and Hun Sen, the 2 main traitors, already operated the surrender of 2 Khmer villages (Thlok Trach and Anlong Chrey where was born and grew up Heng Samrin) to the Viet Nam, by reference to the additive Treaty 2005. Other dropouts will follow, as the progress and the end of implementation of border demarcation pillars which has been expected to 31 December 2012. Heng Samrin, Chairman of the National Assembly was invited (or convened) officially in Hanoi by Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Sinh Hung to congratulate him on the successful cooperation between these 2 countries. A new map will be developed jointly, in the wake!  The 1st political cleavage therefore proved harmful to the nation. It will be of any assistance to Cambodia. And DMNR, alas, is located precisely in this cleavage! It is the necessary and sufficient reason for the nation to raise the Revolution of Liberation. The DMNR should rather actively participate with the people . Why be afraid of losing 29 deputies out of 90 seats occupied by the CPP, and 40 town halls on the 1592 owned by the power? After the revolution, they can win many more, if voters like them. Under no circumstances, our nation must remain arms crossed under penalty of make us historically and collectively guilty of treason against the homeland. Only the Lotus Revolution triggered by an entire people can save Cambodia!.

C. Lotus Revolution Strategy.

1. The popular Tsunami.

What to do to achieve the 3 objectives of the Revolution?

-The force or violence will not prevail over the Viet Nam and the CPP – Hun Sen.

-All United, freely, as a nation, we win. Adopt the strategy of fire ants attacking the Tiger! A dozen well agitated Ants will not bother the tiger; but tens of thousands of ants come well to dislodge the big cat! We need to demonstrate everywhere, on the public place , in front of the villas of Hun Sen, Chea Sim, Var Kim Hong and Heng Samrin, before the CPP’s headquarters, the Senate, the National Assembly, the Royal Palace, the Palace of Peace (Head Office of Khmer Government), before  all Vietnam embassies in Cambodia and abroad, in front of the headquarters of the United Nations, through tsunami  events, with industrial banners claimig the independence, the sovereignty  of Cambodia and the end of dictatorship…swearing lotus-flowered t-shirts  customized to each NGO or association, with cameras, smart-phones, flowers of lotus in hand, in non-violence specific Buddhist culture to witness the will of the khmer people on the basis of Human rights.

-The khmer people will show up  and focus on their day-to-day rights and 3 national objectives ( the independence of Cambodia, the overthrow of the dictatorship and the creation of a free and democratic system ). The Lotus Revolution favors the interests of the people and not those of political leaders and the major Powers. The intruders and profiteers, individuals, institutions and foreign States, including China and the Viet Nam… always confiscated our hopes to serve their interests. Opportunistic, corrupt and treacherous politicians have changed jacket at the speed of light. Keo Remy, former member of SRP, and his friends illustrate perfectly the example of the baseness of  polical  Khmer life, in  attaching on Funcinpec, and  growing and feeding of SRP and then adhering  finally as guis to the CPP, after having passed through the HRP. This demeaning political culture of leaders told a fatal blow to Khmer political life. Hun – Sen and his friends appropriated with impunity and without shame of the State resources to enrich themselves personally and consolidate the CPP. The main parties have celebrated in pomp the crossed defections and rallies of their members, as if treason policy is there  already erected in national sport. It is the perfect illustration of thoughtlessness, indecency and immorality of Khmer politicians. Thus, on more readily understood why the Khmer people have no more confidence in them.  The Lotus Revolution has banned the use of the Ek Uddom terms (the  equivalent of His Excellency) and Lok Chum Teav. To be polite, these terms are reserved only for foreign personalities accredited or come visit in a host country. Today, even a head of Office can boast without shame to call Ek Uddom… Oknha title obtained by the purchase is the perfect symbol of corruption and the impunity of the leaders and investors. Let’s use terms of Lok and Lok Srey (Mr, Mrs), more respectful of human dignity!

-Once these 3 objectives achieved, every citizen will resume his freedom to join a party, be elected or elect those he wants as leaders. Need to think to protect the achievements of the Revolution to prevent another dictator to monopolize power. Indeed, after the genocide of the Pol Pot regime , Cambodia has already become a cake cut into slices, each is the exclusive proprtiety  of each officer. For example, Sok An, Hun Sen, the CPP and their families use the large piece; Hor Nam Hong and his family consumes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; Cham Prasidh and his family, the Department of commerce;Suy Sem and his family, the industry; Hun Sen, Tea Banh and Kun Kim…., that of the army;Chan Sarun and his family, of the agriculture, fisheries and forest; Sok Kong, the Vietnmese  and family operate Angkor, and the Cambodian Red Cross is headed by Ms. Bun Rany Hun Sen at the service of the CPP,etc. There will necessarily be a Transitional Government, after the victory, to carry out the Revolution: current affairs management, election of a Constituent Assembly to write a new Constitution, and installation of new institutions. Cambodia will have a new simplest electoral law favouring the interests of the people and not those of the political parties.

-The nation will have to turn up  in repeated tsunamis and indefinitely, like Boeung Kak children and inhabitants of Borei Keila, in their non-violent struggle for the liberation of their mothers, supported by the HRTF (Housing Rights Task Force). The Lotus Revolution is supportive of teachers and workers of all plants demonstrating to have decent salaries of survival. It supports all legitimate struggles for rights and freedoms. So far, Hun Sen assumed dictatorial power ordering prosecutors, armed forces and courts to imprison opponents and protester at Prey Sar. As Prime  Minister, Hun Sen did never care or concern to find and arrest  the convicted in politically suspect murder.

-For the sign of national solidarity, we ask all demonstrators to show  flowers of lotus, in personal claims of legitimate wage, of social and national interests, without to renounce to their identities, to symbolically show the international community the union of the Khmers of the Interior with those in the diaspora. Small streams send their waters in rivers that drain into oceans!  Apply  tsunami  events  repeated to infinity and peaceful national  strategy to the final recovery of the independence of Cambodia. And this before the end of 2012, we hope!

2. The popular Boycott of the elections.

In addition to the tsunami  events , The Lotus Revolution considers the popular boycott  as a necessary and valuable tool of the liberation. For the  objective  of no  longer give power  to the traitor regime. In Romania, the recent Referendum which brought together iess than half of the registrants (46,23%) , the result will  not be validated. The recent boycott of the elections raised widely more than half of the registered . It is the national movement of the refusal and the insubordination to the current power. Therefore, any political counter current action  to survive the  Hun Sen’s regime  will only be loss of time or outright treason. Our homeland will inexorably die because of this royalo-Communist regime! Let’s give it no more  power !The people will have to continue The Lotus Revolution bypeacefull  tsunamis demonstrations  and repeated to infinity, through the recovery of independence. The main concern of the Revolution will be the protection of the lives of the demonstrators, as the dictator  Hun Sen monopolizing all the powers use probably weapons in his possession to suppress as in Libya and Syria. Ironically, if he would do, it will be to accelerate his  inevitable fall like Gaddafi or  Bashar Al-Assad. International media will be at our side and testify  to the international community and the international tribunals. Only the Lotus Revolution by the people involving all Khmers  (individuals, groups, associations and political parties) may adress  adequately and globally the expectations of the khmer people, and especially to save Cambodia!

D. The Lotus Revolution Road Map.

The Khmer people will have to  achieve these 3 missions in this  order : independence, the rule of law and democracy.

1. Independence of Cambodia before the end of 2012.

The Viet Nam and the CPP – Hun Sen Puppet regime scheduled the end of implantation of 375 demarcation posts on a 1270 km border before 31 December 2012. At the inaugurating of the pillar #314, Hun Sen and Var Kim Hong began the manoeuvre of the 2 border villages’ cession (ThloK Trach & Anlong Chrey) to the Viet Nam, even if in exchange for other localities! Alas, satellite and opposition parties close their eyes, by giving this fateful date of end of 2012 a miss and swore again to participate in the legislative elections of July 28, 2013! Even if they won the elections, they will not free the Cambodia from the Viet Nam or the monarchy already unnecessary and obsolete. Due to their  nature of creators of the current regime, they will not be able to become liberators of the people!  Needless to mix in their cases of bipartite political merger or  union and not to  lose time. The Khmer people remain the single actor of liberation  based on the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of human rights, and The Paris peace Agreement of 23 October 1991. And they  will hunt  Vietnamese and CPP – Hun Sen before the end of 2012! Let’s organize  repeated monsters  tsunami events to infinity, with  the Lotus Flower in the hand and/or bearing lotus-flowered  T-shirts to their tastes, until the Cambodia’s independence  recovery. All political parties should participate as  patriotic Khmers. Indeed, although they  were  signatories  to this agreement, the Viet Nam and the CPP – Hun Sen continue more insidiously, over 34 years already, their strategy of territorial annexation and ethnic colonization of Cambodia. China and the Viet Nam only think about their own interests: after the genocide of yesterday, are now leases of farmland, construction site, land of ores … available for 70 to 99 years to these 2 States which employ  mainly  their own staff without worrying of  the Cambodians, of  environmental issues and   social justices. Tsunamis demonstrations for decades… must not tire us, because they can actually liberate our homeland!

2. Dictatorship Overthrow before July 28, 2013.

The Lotus Revolution advocates the rapid overthrow of the regime CPP – Hun Sen to precipitate the departure of the Vietnam, and at the latest before July 28, 2013,  to make the economy of the national elections  boycott and to prevent the irreversible danger of political, economic and ethnic Cambodia Vietnamization.  Hanoi is aiming the continuous re-election of CPP – Hun Sen in order to consolidate the Vietnamization. It applies the strategy of democratic renovation by the Sham of elections, to deceive the international community. The CPP – Hun Sen must handle this 1st  political cleavage by imposing artificial and short-lived union to Funcinpec and Ranariddh, to bring the Khmer nation  to participate in elections traps.  Two  Parties of opposition, SRP and HRP, separated or together, will naturally participate! The free and independent khmer people will have to avoid at all costs this political  game and will hunt first  imperialistic Vietnamese before the end of 2012, and then shoot the CPP – Hun Sen dictatorship before July 28, 2013. Once Vietnamese imperialists put out  and a regime  respecting the human rights  well installed,  the people will have total freedom to choose their own leaders through free and transparent  elections ! True free elections will be in phase 4, it is to say after the liberation.

3. Democracy in 2014, after the creation of a free and independent State.

Elected officials of municipalities and local communities (03 June 2012 elections) cannot  properly fulfill their political , economic and social mandates of proximity (3 million votes, providing the CPP 1592 mayors; only 40 mayors to the opposition with 2 million votes!). The Senate and the National Assembly are stamp institutions at the service of the State-CPP. Everything is in the hands of Hanoi and CPP – Hun Sen. The CPP tries at all costs to hold elections in this  Vietnamized  state  under the control of the NEC, its fraud  manipulation tool. The DMRN’s leaders asked Cambodians to join their movement to win the July 28, 2012 elections ! What illusion! For the Khmer Nation, the 1st objective that is sustainable, it is Vietnamese decolonization.Then comes the overthrow of the  dictatorial regime signatory to all unfair treaties. And finally, comes the Organization of free elections! And it will be the people who will freely choose their leaders in post-revolution elections, as in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya….The strategy of the opposition parties, creating the DMRN, may be summed up dangerously to the status quo of the puppet State with its cohort of opportunistic and corrupt leaders throughout this criminal state of lawlessness… !

Apply in the 5 commandments developed by The Lotus Revolution to succeed these 3 great challenges:

1./Report, by all means, the international community that the Viet Nam is an imperialist, colonialist and annexationnist. The Viet Nam must leave Cambodia.

2./ The people should make understand, by all means,the Vietnamese settlers that they are not welcome in Cambodia. They must compel  Vietnamese and Khmer leaders  to return them to the Viet Nam instead of giving them national identity cards and the right to vote.

3./ Mean , by all means,to the  treacherous Khmer leaders,  Hanoi and  the international community that the khmer people want at any price the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Cambodia and  the immediate cancellation of the unfair  1979, 1982, 1983, 1985 treaties and the additive Treaty 2005

4./ On the ground, the people will have to trigger operations consistent with international rights aiming to hit  the Viet Nam economic and political interests  instead of letting them develop peacefully.

5./ The people will have to denounce treacherous, criminal and corrupt Khmer  leaders  to international bodies for their  discredits and  arrests, their assets freeze, travel  or entry ban  in free and democratic countries, for various crimes against humanity, drug trafficking, dirty money laundering …

 First, claim our rights and then operate in by repeated demonstrations without restriction across the country, also long that last Vietnamese colonization and dictatorship  CPP- Hun Sen ! More widespread civil disobedience (boycott of the elections, denonciattion of the politicized courts, of impunity for leaders, of non-enforcement, abuse of power using the army, the police and 5 to 7 thousands body  guards… in the repression of the demonstrators …) will be important , as soon the final victory approaches. The image of the struggle of the children of female inmates of Boeung Kak, the lotus in hand,  is the symbol of the innocent combat, anonymous and non-violent for rights, independence and freedom. The Lotus Revolution has seen , in these young people in tears, the symbol and concrete objectives of Liberation! Khmer nationshould trigger, again and again, internal and external high pressure on the CPP – Hun Sen Dictatorship and the Viet Nam….  Everywhere, local and international NGO protests, brought to the knowledge of the international community, have forced the PPC – Hun Sen to suspend its anti-NGO Bill. HRTF regrouping  12 local and international NGOs have managed to release 15 residents whose 13 mothers imprisoned in Prey Sar. These combined actions have borne fruit. Hope that the 22 NGOs, local and international and other associations around the world, whose number grows day by day…, will succeed to release Mr Mam Sonando, President of the Democratic Association and owner of the Radio Sambok Khmum (Beehive Radio ), arrested and imprisoned in Prey Sar since July 15, 2012, under Hun Sen’s order. The people will have to continue in this way in denouncing without interruptions of criminals and corrupt… to arrest  and try: freezing of their assets, prohibition of travel in free countries such as the Australia, the Canada, the USA and Europe…

Dear compatriots!

All the conditions to trigger repeated popular tsunamis infinitely or The Lotus Revolution  are already met (betrayal of the leaders more than 34 years, territorial cession  to Viet Nam,  borders issues, State of lawlessness, widespread corruption,   crackdown of demonstrators by forces, restriction of freedoms, human rights violations, forced evictions of resident populations, arbitrary imprisonment of opponents and demonstrators, court  and armed forces in the service of power, election rigging, deforestation, unemployment, civil servants with salaries for several months delays, social injustices…) . The National Transition Council (NTC) of all Khmer political sensibilities accompany them at its best and determine, at the as, the terms and process to follow. Cambodians around the world have already contributed, directly or indirectly, individually or in groups, openly or anonymously … by supporting inhabitants of Boeung Kak… or defending Mr Mam Sonando arrested under Hun Sen’s order, in his  exercise of the  right to freedom of expression…. Do the Lotus Revolution, to resolve both immediate personal, social issues of our fellow citizens concerns  (forced evictions, injustices, low wages…) and those of higher interests (independence of Cambodia, dictatorship, restriction of freedoms, arbitrary imprisonments , deforestation, territorial cessions of  maritime and land including Khmer villages to Viet Nam… ). The very positive example of the children of imprisoned Boeung Kak residents’ mothers is the symbol of innocence, love, anonymity, hope and solidarity of our nation in its struggle for freedom and the independence of his homeland. Show up within Cambodia and internationally to defend ONG’s workors (CCHR, ADHOC…) and   free Mr Mam Sonando, exactly as did the children of Boeung Kak! It is the Union in diversity!


Founder Member

( The Khmer Lotus revolution)

DEA of philosophy-Sorbonne Paris

DESS computer documentary-Lyon I & ENSSIB


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