The Great Mortal Danger

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The Great Mortal Danger
 of The Irreversibility
of the Vienamisation

Dear compatriots,

The Great Mortal Danger   the Cambodian people must fight in the emergency is the Irreversibility of the Khmer territorial annexation by  Vietnam. There is still time to do so. Firstly : overthrowing the CPP – Hun Sen regime by the Revolution, before the end of 2012, scheduled by  Vietnam and CPP Hun Sen to finalize the implementation of 375 posts delimiting the new boundary of 1270 kms between the 2 countries. Secondly : in the absence of the overthrow of the dictatorship, the people will have to make a total boycott of July 28, 2013 elections, to no longer give the legislative power to CPP Hun Sen.

I. The Great Mortal Danger  of The Irreversibility of the Vietnamization.

It is due to the stupidity of the treacherous Khmer leaders on all sides. Indeed, taking advantage of its invasion of Cambodia late 1978 – early 1979, the Viet Nam imposed on puppet team Pen Sovan, Héng Samrin, Chéa Sim, Hun Sen …, 4 treaties :

1. Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation  of 18 February 1979, for a period of 25 years, tacitly renewed each time for 10 years, signed by Pham Van Dong, President of the Vietnamese Government, and Heng Samrin, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of people’s Republic of Kampuchea.

2. Treaty of July 07, 1982 , on the areas  of territorial waters and historic waters, signed by Hun Sen and Nguyen Co Thach, Ministers for Foreign Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City. Cambodia lost Koh Tral and the group of Krachak Ses islands (Poulo-Panjang), and 30 000 km2  in  maritime area  and 10,000 km2  of historic waters. This Treaty was disputed by Singapore in its note to the United Nations of December 5, 1986. Under this Treaty, after the coup by Hun Sen on 5-6 July 1997, the Viet Nam concluded with the Thaiilande, without the knowledge of Cambodia, a division of territorial waters Treaty  of 11 August 1997 annexing each 1/3 of the water of the Cambodia area (95 000 km 2).Hun Sen publicly denounced this bilateral agreement, on 7 May 1998 !

3. Treaty of 20 July 1983 on the Principles of resolution of the borders issues, and Agreement on the status of the border  areas signed by Nguyen Co Thach and Hun Sen, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, in  Phnom Penh.

4.  Treaty of 27 December 1985  on the delimitation of boundary signed by Hun Sen and Nguyen Co Thach, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, in Phnom Penh, using both maps  1/100, 000 and 1/ 50, 000  contrary to the stipulation of the 1993 Constitution of Cambodia.

The cancellation of the 4 major khmero – Vietnamese treaties should be finalized in 1993, after Cambodia had its King, its Government and other constitutional Institutions. Unfortunately, because our leaders are all traitors, we had not seen come this cancellation. Hun Sen had even threatened to abolish the 2nd monarchy if King Sihamoni did not sign the additive Treaty of 2005 to validate these old treaties!

21 years after The Paris Agreement of 23 October 1991, under 5 articles ( Article 1- Cambodia must Cancel the Treaties  to defend its sovereignty. Art.2. The other signatories which the Viet Nam or the Thailand should respect this sovereignty. Art.3. Cambodia must respect the human rights. Art.4 . The signatories must not leave a country violating Cambodia. Art.5 . For territorial  and the Human rights violations, the signatories and 2 co-chairs have to take  steps to resolve peacefully or recourse to the United Nations and the Security Council ), the khmer people  obviously found  that their  leaders have betrayed them: they have not respected the Agreement. However, these royalists and Communists didthink about their personal interests:

1 –  Restoration of the 2nd  monarchy, for the royalists and Sihanouk,

2 – Control of all the powers, for the Communists and Hun Sen.

And, they become the puppets of Vietnam,  whether or not they want to do so !

II. The Political royalo-Communist khmer rouge Imbroglio.

After our open and successive charges, Sisowath Thommico of the secretariat of Sihanouk, one of the profiteers of the monarchy, implicitly said that Hun Sen should not be considered as the only traitor. The other main political leaders since 1993 are also. This is exactly as was stated The Lotus Revolution. To defend Sam Rainsy, the SRP’s MP Mr. Kim Sophirith dismissed the widespread accusation, arguing that the political responsibility was primarily on the shoulders of Ranariddh and Hun Sen…

After all-out reactions condemning the betrayal of Hun Sen who came unilaterally  justify in the National Assembly on 9 Aug. 2012, the royalo-Communist leaders since 1993 have dared raise their voice for wash and splash: therefore they are found themselves  guilty and accused each other. In fact, Sihanouk, Sam Rainsy, Son San, Ranariddh, Chea Sim, Heng Sam Rin, Hun Sen, Kem Sokha and other royalo – Communists … have concocted together the restoration of this 2nd monarchy under the blessing of the Vietnam that  hoped later annexing portions of Khmer territories as premium. For washing of treason, Hun Sen spoke of the pretext of the work not done by Sihanouk, which fell on his shoulders. But Hun Sen has not the courage nor the intelligence to solve by submitting it to the international community! For Sihanouk, to preserve his monarchical powers, he has never dared address clearly when he has in his hands all the powers. And Hun Sen, alas, not only he has not resolved to the benefit of his homeland, but he did as a slave to achieve territorial annexation  by Hanoi, without recourse to international rights. In this context,  the world  must understand why the khmer people has no more confidence in these royalo-Communists (CPP & National Rescue Party or NRP), in the July 28, 2013 elections, to liberate Cambodia!

III. Who can avert the Irreversibility of the Vietnamization?

It is only the People!  By the Revolution!  And not by the elections of July 28, 2013! So far, the Khmer people behave, alas, like a flock of sheep following meekly the Shepherd. This collective weakness cost them a genocide of more than 3 millions of victims under the Pol Pot  regime, the loss of territory under the 2nd  monarchy, along with  the disaster of CPP Hun Sen dictatorship that helped the Communist Vietnam to annex their  homeland. If the people stand up  they  will win! Nothing can resist! The Viet Nam is not afraid of CPP- Hun Sen, or this 2nd Shanouk  monarchy or royalo-Communist   NRP opposition politicians. The Viet Nam’s afraid only of the Cambodian people and  in this  case of  their Revolution. Indeed, the Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991 is not dead as it was said by two- royalo- Communists Sisowath Thommico and  Khieu Kanharidh! The Geneva Agreement  of 1954 on Indochina  even always remains in force! Only Cambodian traitors and Vietnamese aggressors have violated them!July 28, 2013 elections will do so that endure the Vietnamization and the dictatorship ! Proposal of Mr. Surya Subedi , the Envoy of the United Nations, to reform that which affects elections, not lead nowhere as the liberation of Cambodia and the overthrow of CPP ‘s dictatorship. Hun Sen, as a traitor of the nation, even dared to flout the determination of the Khmer people of Kampuchea Krom in their claim of the autonomy of the Cochinchina surrendered on June 4, 1949 by the France to Baodai. Hun Sen should learn a contemporary history to know  the number of Independant States  since the birth of the United Nations! Perhaps Hun Sen was the only one, at the end of the 20th century and at the beginning of the 21st  century, imposed dictatorship on his  own people to cede territories of his homeland to the Viet Nam while the international community has cooked up an Agreement of Paris 23 October 1991 to protect Cambodia and its people! Hun Sen is worse than Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi and Basha Al Assad, because these last 4 dictators were at least the nationalists, not traitors to their countries!

The clock is ticking. To avert the Irreversibility of the Vietnamization, The Lotus Revolution has developed a people’s strategy that brings real hope, despite multiple obstacles erected on their path by enemies. Here are 2 steps:

1. The people will have to cut down all supports of the dictatorship, and this by all means! These supports protected and unpunished by the regime are the sources of all the misfortunes of the population! In revolutionary States, supports fell one after the other. Military and diplomatic supports … have rallied, often late, by individual or collective defections…, to join the ranks of the revolutionaries! All supports will have been shaken, and the system will stagger!

2. If the people fails in the 1st step (which is predictable in view of the extent of the dictatorship…),they have to proceed final and generalized final boycott  in the elections of July 28, 2013 ! The victory will be very palpable, in their reach and in line with the evolution of the world. Because the people will act as  patriotic motive force. The fall of the regime will mechanically break-up  its  supporters and vice versa. In all figures, a National Transitional Council  (NTC) will continue to refine the strategy of the rebellion. In the most advanced phase of the Revolution, An Interim Transitional Government will be formed to implement a regime wanted by the people.

IV. Decision Time:

Dear compatriots.

Let us dare to bury the current royalo-Communist Khmer rouge traitor regime! The current royalo-Communist  electoral promises (CPP  & NRP) are of the politicking.The khmer people  lost too much time, too many lives and too many Territories! Let us dare to invent a new regime inspired by the universal values that we are living through Western countries! Only The non-violent Lotus Revolution (tsunami  demonstrations  with Lotus flowers and sticks of incense in hand) may succeed!

1.    July 28, 2013 elections ?

Imagine what will be Cambodia in the aftermath of the July 28, 2013:

a. / CPP-Hun Sen will surely win these elections with its supporters, even with the redesign of the NEC. A proposal for a draft law on the financing of electoral campaigns, supported by 4 NGOs (COMFREL, NICFEC, DHRAC and CISA) will have little chance of being accepted by the CPP. In short, everything will remain such and nothing will change (dictatorship, Vietnamese colonization and rule of non-right…).The Great Fatal Danger of  the irreversibility of the Vietnamization continues.

b. / NRP opposition will win (unrealistic assumption…) or advances in voice. This will be the status quo, in every sense of the term. Indeed, everything is already in the hand of the CPP State. The NRP will be no decision on this State. And the people will have no power. It will be well a NRP storm in a glass of water! Vienamese colonization will be consolidated; and the dictatorship CPP Hun Sen reinforced. This will be the time of disillusion: the Senate already is in the hand of CPP with 48 seats and 11 to SRP. CPP controls 1592 town halls with  40 to the opposition. The RNP will win even a few crumbs in legislative elections, but the country and the people will still suffer. The NRP therefore plays the Vietnamese game without daring to tell us and has no real hope of liberation of Cambodia. Bashar Al-Assad has already forced to such unrealistic elections in the fighting.  And, he has well won!  But the Syrian people have not accepted them so far! The Tunisian, Egyptian and Libyan peoples have all opted for specific revolutions in their nation.  Cambodia is already annexed by the Viet Nam! The Khmer people should dare to invent their own revolution! And especially they  should not count on  these  royalo-Communist Khmer Rouge politicians who betrayed them  since already 21 years!

2 The Lotus Revolution?

There are 4 objectives in the strategy of the Lotus Revolution. 1/:  Vietnamese decolonization before the end of 2012, to preserve every chance to avert the irreversibility of the Vietnamization. 2/: Overthrow of the dicature before July 28, 2013, to no longer give the legislative povoir to  CPP – Hun Sen. 3/: Once the dictatorship overthrown, and the Viet Nam evacuated, Cambodia will rebuild a regime wanted by the people. 4/: Organization of free elections.

a. The pillars to be slaughtered & the dictatorship will collapse.

These pillars are individuals, State bodies, criminal organizations, and those of  foreign State aids including China and  Vietnam … Once these pillars shot in non-violence, the building of the regime will collapse by implosion!.

Currently, the apparatus of the State is in the hand of the CPP Hun Sen. A personal bodyguard  of Hun Sen, between 5 to 7 thousands; the military Vietnamese civilians (more than 100,000) admitted  by Hun Sen and Vietnamese settlers holders of national identity to vote; the mobile voters  from the Viet Nam, the day of the election. Vietnamese military experts and assistants, clandestine or visible administratively, received land of hevea and agriculture grants along the borders for 70-99 years where they exclusively employ  their compatriots. The economy, cultural tourism of Angkor (managed by Sok Kong), air transport (Cambodian Air Angkor, Viet Nam Airline), banks (Bank of Investment and Development of Cambodia, BIDC, subsidiary of Bank of Investment and Development of Viet Nam, BIDV ), industry, telecom (Metfone, Viettel…) construction, building, machine , agriculture  (Viet Nam Rubber Group, Z-38 Group…),fishing, retailer (Sieu Thi Supermarket),  medical services,… are in the hands of the Vietnamese. At least, they are  5 to 7 millions (Sar Kheng, Minister of the Interior, dared never neither confirm nor deny the figures). The tribunal is under the orders of Hun Sen, who used it to prosecute political opponents, the NGO’s workers. He arrested Mam Sonando  for  4 charges  mounted in all parts including incitement to secession… and put him in prison. While Chhouk Bandit, the Governor of Bavet  that shot and wounded 3 female workors in Svay Rieng textile factories  remained free. Chhouk Bandit is a CPP’s member linked to Ms. Men Sam An, Deputy-Prime Minister, responsible of  Committee of khmero – Vietnamese friendship, and Sar Khéng, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Interior…  Hun Sen controls all sources of State or Private Finances  …, sufficient to pay for special services to   militarily protect him (body guard staff under the direction of his son Hun Manet…). He employed  the Federation of Cambodian intellectuals and students  and  the Association of pupils, students and intellectuals residents of the pagodas to threaten the workers of NGOs including Mr.Sea Phearum of HRTF and those of the CCHR not to continue their aid to the residents of BoeumgKak, Borei keila and other residents ousted from their lands across the country. 21 NGOs (CCHR, CCIM, CICA, CDP, CFSWF, CHRAC, LICADHO, CWCD, CYN, CFCP, COMFREL, CLEC, EIC, CCC, CARAM, HRTF, IDEA, KYA, Lake, Cap, TWU) protested against the accusation without foundation on Mr.Chan Soveth of ADHOC of complicity with Mr. Bun Ratha arbitrarily denounced as a secessionist in Kratie province! Hun Sen manages the country by his mouth, without complying with laws: creation of voluntary Students Unit led by his son, Hun Manit, to resolve land disputes and cadastral affairs sparking many negative reactions. Everything is in his hands: his son Hun Manet took the position of Deputy Head of the Khmer Armed Forces; the police is entrusted to his nephew-in- law  Net Savoeun; his body guard and the anti-terrorist Unit are under the command of his son Hun Manet. All other instances including gendarmerie, Court, NEC, communes, districts, provinces, Senate, National Assembly, Government, Council of Throne, Constitutional Council … are in the hands of the CPP… Must be added various Units under the authority of Sok An and other  Strong men of the regime in the economy (oil, agriculture, forest, fishing, rubber trees, industry, commerce,… ) , social, administration and other… (The anti-corruption Unit, Press  and Quick Response Unit, TV’s, Radios, State or private newspapers…). And one can imagine the firepower of all these supports paid with the money of all origins (drugs, deforestation, corruption, embezzlement, diverse revenue of borrowing and uncontrolled debt, mafias,…). These are reasons pushing the KPPM of Mr. Suon Serey Ratha to file his complaint of crime against humanity…, June 22, 2012, against this regime, in Holland, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Truly and strangely, Cambodia is for sale!

b. If these pillars are resistant, boycotts and tsunamis of Liberation  will follow.

If the people managed to cut down all supports, the dictatorship will collapse. Then, they will no longer need to boycott these cock-and- bull parliamentary elections. A Transitional  Government should be formed and take measures to arrest criminals, traitors and corrupt. And it would  also facilitate the work of the ICC. If the people fail to break these supports, they still have the  great final boycott to proceed to obtain  2/3 or 4/5 of registered!  And the CPP – Hun Sen Regime will therefore be disqualified to run the country! The people will naturally become holder of power. And the international community will have to notice it. China and the Viet Nam will have to take this event into account. The victory of The Lotus Revolution will be of all the khmer people that will have helped win its strategy. The diaspora and the Cambodians of the Interior must specifically unite to succeed this crusade of Liberation. And only in this objective they need to raise funds to free their homeland! Because, they have the secret and the power to succeed (email, Facebook, Twitter, videos…, tsunamis, finance … ).

Dear compatriots,

The failure of the Lotus Revolution is prohibited for us: because it is simply the failure of Cambodia and the khmer people against the Vietnam and the dictatorship of the CPP – Hun Sen. To recover independence and to defend the territorial integrity, the khmer people have no other choice than to deliver by themselves a true war of clean and original liberation. To do this, the people will have first to cut down all the pillars of the regime, in non-violence. They have to  remove  or discredit  these  individual, institutional, moral, financial, military supports … including those provided by foreign States such as China and  Vietnam,  so  that the khmer people can bring down the dictatorship. In accordance with the Geneva Agreement of 1954, the Paris agreement of 23 October 1991, the Charter of the Universal Declaration of Human rights and the Khmer Constitution of 1993, Khmer people shall not accept the fait accompli currently created by the Viet Nam and especially not count on these traitor royalo –  Communist khmer rouge leaders! This very valuable international tool (or the Paris Agreement) will have been useless if it does not inspire us to use as a tool for the liberation of our country . If we were not rebelling, the international community will not work in our place! At the  victory, The Lotus Revolution declares cancellation of 1979-1982-1983-1985 treaties and the additiveTreaty  of 2005,  and  non-recognition of 375 posts demarcating the 1270 kms khmero-Vietnamese border. Under the  Geneva Agreement of 1954 on Indochina  and   the Paris agreement of 23 October 1991, the Lotus Revolution submit the problems of these borders to the international community, based on the maps filed by Cambodia to the United Nations following its accession to this Organization after its independence on 9 November 1953.

Founder Member (Khmer Lotus Revolution)
DEA of philosophy-Sorbonne Paris
DESS computer documentary-Lyon I & ENSSIB

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