Khmer People Must Learn From the History of Their Country!

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Khmer People Must Learn
From the History of Their Country!


Dear Compatriots,

To learn from Khmer history, please follow my analysis below:

Cambodia has experienced great disasters of losses of territory since almost a century, because of Vietnam. Although we always have territorial annexationist neighbors, if we had nationalist and patriotic and competent leaders working closely with their valiant nationalist people, we would not have known such disaster of territorial losses until  today!

June 4, 1949, the first Monarchy’s Sihanouk resigned herself to leave Vietnam’s Bao Dai  the control of Cochin china under French colonization, without any vigorous protest!.

His kingdom became independent in 1953, and after the Geneva Conference in 1954 asking Vietminh troops to leave Cambodia, Sihanouk became stuck in covert aid to Hanoi, the ungrateful crocodile he qualified later, to fight South Vietnam. The Vietnamese Communist Ho Chi Minh continued his manipulation over that times the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot, and then the Khmer Rouge Heng Sam Rin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen … and successfully used them as a pretext to hunt Pol Pot, in fact, just to continue his policy of territorial annexation and swallowing. In short, all Khmer leaders of all sides were naive, thinking only of their own powers!

The 1979 treaty was finally signed by Pham Van Dong  and Heng Sam Rin. It was known as the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation. It was a framework treaty to legally swallow this state and continuously colonize  Cambodian territories. The Treaty of 1982 defines historic waters between the two countries. That of 1983 allowed Hanoi  to settle Vietnamese in Cambodia. The 1985 treaty allowed the Master and his slave to trace new frontiers. These successive treaties of 1982, 1983.1985 were signed at the time by Nguyen Co Thach and Hun Sen, both foreign ministers of the two countries. They provoked the disapproval of the international community leading to the Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991 stating that the two sides will cancel Cambodian-Vietnamese unjust bilateral treaties.

21 years after October 23, 1991, Hanoi and its puppets Hun Sen, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin … do not take any account to comply with this Agreement. Article 1 suggests the annulment of all treaties. Article 2 states that Vietnam must cease the aggression of Cambodia. Under Article 3, the Khmer authority must respect human rights. Articles 4 and 5 require Cambodia to submit any territorial violation and other issues mentioned in the Paris Agreement, to the 19 signatories or the UN for a comprehensive and peaceful settlement.

Unfortunately, 34 years after the Vietnamese invasion of 7 January 1979, everything has remained the same as before, as if Cambodia is still under the control of Communist Vietnamese colonialism as Master of the Vietminh Khmer Rouge Heng Sam Rin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen ….

In short, Cambodia is not yet a State of law. It is an undemocratic state, led by the dictator Hun Sen and his cronies, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin …
What to do for Independence, and enjoy the rights, freedom and democracy?

  1. Khmer people must first claim Independence from the hands of Vietnam.
  2. Then overthrow the Dictatorship of Hun Sen.
  3. And finally practice Democracy.

Khmer people should not recognize by any pretext, the Vietnamese colonization by voting in elections organized by the puppet regime Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen … Otherwise, the international community will think wrongly Cambodia – yet under the yoke of Vietnamese-is already a state of rule of law!

Currently, the second Cambodian monarchy is useless. It is a stamp- monarchy  of the puppet regime of Vietnam. As for the opposition parties and satellites, they are also stamp-parties  and stooges-parties  of the regime traitor. And that has been already more than 21 years!

Two issues are priorities: claim of independence and freedom. The key to these two priorities remains in the hands of the Khmer People. In short, to claim independence from the yoke of Vietnam, it is necessary to liberate Cambodia from the hand of puppet dictators namely the king, senators, heads of various institutions and corrupt traitors.

In short, not to give more power to the puppet leaders and sycophants, the Khmer people should not vote on July 28, 2013. Rather they will oust before this date, by the widespread civil disobedience by blocking or non-compliance with the functioning of these treacherous institutions. They will denounce  and hunt traitors and corrupt leaders of these institutions.

The source of all power, it is the people themselves. If they stop to give power to puppet dictators, the latter can no longer boast of their legitimate right to govern!

Khmer people have very little time: 6 more months for both hunting Vietnam, overthrow the dictatorship and traitors puppet to finally claim Independence, Freedom and Democracy.

The key to victory remains in the hands of the people. They no longer have to be exploited and deceived by their  leaders. The international community will support their struggle for their rights and freedom. It will never be on the side of an aggressor or traitors, toadies favoring their own interests at the expense of the people.

Dear Compatriots,
The Lotus Revolution wishes Khmer People quick and comprehensive understanding of the history of their country to be able to learn, then act and get Victories as fast as possible.

Founding Member(Khmer Lotus Revolution)
DEA of Philosophy- Sorbonne Paris
DESS of Computer Documentary-Lyon III & Documentary ENSSIB

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