Vietnam hasn't respected Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991

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Dear all,

Not only Vietnam hasn’t respected Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991, but it also continues to deliberately violate it since  1991, to consolidate its colonization over its neighboring country under international community’s nose. To claim Cambodia’s Independence, to topple Hun Sen and other traitors from power in order to joy democracy , khmer people have to rise up themselves and  not let  free hand  to current and thief NA and  Government to consolidate Vietnamese colonization until the end of this 5th  legislative mandate by  2018! Otherwise all current khmer nation will be logically condemned by their next generation over collective laxness: one putrid fish in the basket and the basket will be thrown as the whole bad. If khmer Nation wouldn’t rise up , nor puppet King  Sihamoni nor Hun Sen, Kem Sokha, Sam Ransy would do it in their places to claim Cambodia’s independence!

Excerpt of Paris Peace Agreement of Oct.23, 1991,

Article l

1. Cambodia hereby solemnly undertakes to maintain, preserve and defend its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality, and national unity; the perpetual neutrality of Cambodia shall be proclaimed and enshrined in the Cambodian constitution to be adopted after free and fair elections.
2. To this end, Cambodia undertakes:
d) To terminate treaties and agreements which are incompatible with its sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality, and national unity;

Article 2:

1. The other parties to this Agreement hereby solemnly undertake to recognize and to respect in every way the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality and national unity of Cambodian.
2. To this end, they undertake
e) To refrain from using their territories or the territories of other States to impair the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality and national unity of Cambodia;

Article 3:

1.  All persons in Cambodia shall enjoy the rights and freedoms embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other relevant international human rights instruments.
2.  To this end,
a) Cambodia undertakes:
– To ensure respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cambodia
– To support the right of all Cambodian citizens to undertake activities that would promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms;
– To take effective measures to ensure that the policies and practices of the past shall never be allowed to return;
– To adhere to relevant international human rights instruments;
b) The other parties to this Agreement undertake to promote and encourage respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cambodia as embodied in the relevant international instruments in order, in particular, to prevent the recurrence of human rights abuses.


The parties to this Agreement call upon all other States to recognize and respect in every way the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality and national unity of Cambodia and to refrain from any action inconsistent with these principles or with other provisions of this Agreement.

Article 5:

1.  In the event of a violation or threat of violation of the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and inviolability, neutrality or national unity of Cambodia, or of any of the other commitments herein, the parties to this Agreement undertake to consult immediately with a view to adopting all appropriate steps to ensure respect for these commitments and resolving any such violations through peaceful means.

2.  Such steps may include, inter alia, reference of the matter to the Security Council of the United Nations or recourse to the means for the peaceful settlement of disputes referred to in Article 33 of the Charter of the United Nations.
3.  The parties to this Agreement may also call upon the assistance of the co-Chairmen of the Paris Conference on Cambodia.
4.  In the event of serious violations of human rights in Cambodia, they will call upon the competent organs of the United Nations to take such other steps as are appropriate for the prevention and suppression of such violations in accordance with the relevant international instruments.

In virtue of Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991, Khmer Nation have to claim Cambodia’s independence by continued demonstrations in front of Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh, forcing Hanoi to quit Cambodia, cancelling all treaties and additive treaty in 2005. They have to  claim restitution of frontier lands,  historical  and territorial waters, and all isles such as Koh Tral (Phu Quoc). They have to force king Sihamoni , Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy to bring the issue of Cambodia’s sovereignty before UN’s Security Council and International Court of Justice for the peaceful resolution. They have to claim rights and freedom to choose  a new regime at the end of Vietnamese colonization and the end of dictator Hun Sen. From  October 23, 2014, khmer  nation have to rise  up together to put Hanoi out of Cambodia, chase Hun Sen from power and claim Cambodia’s independence.

Since more than a half century, China and Vietnam was the main responsible of Cambodians’ tragedy and ordeal. But China and Vietnam were  also the signatories of Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991 of which France and Indonesia were the two co-presidents. Khmer  nation have to chase  traitors from power and not to  respect thief AN and thief Prime  Minister Hun Sen. The nation have to rise up as  tsunami demonstration in khmer lotus revolution until definitive  victory. Liberation of the motherland must not be considered as   terrorism!

Since October 1, 2014, Khmer Krom community and 14 student associations for democracy have demonstrated demanding public apology again from Hanoi that has asserted  Cochinchina was belonging to Vietnam for long time and France hasn’t ceded Cochin china to Vietnam on June 04, 1949.  In this demonstration for several days (from October 04 to October 08, 2014), student and monk protesters have burned Viet flags. In case of negative response from Hanoi, Thach Setha has urged khmer nation to boycott products, goods  and Viet services like  mobile phone of  097 of viet company metfone belonging to military Viet businessman. Teachers’ association leaded by Rong Chhun has celebrated international day of teachers and demanded monthly  wage of 1 million riels (about 200 US$).  Currently, they have received about  five to six hundreds  mille riels, about  100US$ monthly. The low wage has the logic repercussions in low quality of education. Last week, victims of abusive land expropriation have demonstrated in Phnom Penh leaded by Sea Phearum celebrating international day of housing. National and international press has reported the legal action filed by Global Diligence  against current khmer ruling Elites ,in Government, Army, Police, Gendarmerie or Private Security Guards…,  before ICC in The Hague in charge of crime against  humanity for forced displacements (770 000 victims  or 6% of khmer population), abusive land expropriations (4 million hectares or 22% of Cambodia’s area) for personal enrichment and keeping power .

After thief Prime Minister  Hun Sen had warned CPP’s lawmakers would organize an advanced  vote to destitute Kem Sokha  from his post of Deputy President of thief National Assembly if Kem Sokha  had continued his menace to bring deep-rooted and corrupt ministers for questioning and dismissal, Heng Samrin, president of theft NA has concocted a circular to administer summons and questioning over lawmakers.  Sam Rainsy, by his nature of chameleon shaking endlessly his head and  eyes, and  Kem Sokha, by his nature of whining  goose  shouting at all odd presence, can change nothing in  the 5th  thief current legislature of this puppet kingdom. That’s is to say why young khmer migrants in South Korea dare to qualify Kem Sokha less useful than  cow dung. Khmer Lotus Revolution has openly considered   current khmer leaders as responsible of high treason by the lack of fulfillment of the duty to liberate the motherland and its nation from Vietnamese colonization.

Indeed, after the  negotiation of  the CNRP for its entry into National Assembly by demanding a trompe l’œil restructuration of NEC to preserve political interests in the future, and after its swearing in before King Sihamoni,  Hanoi has already  advanced its pawns to consolidate its   seizure over  Cambodia. For examples : 1/   Tribunal has continued to deliver summonses for questioning  and accusations of crimes , complicity of treason, propaganda and boycott of elections (cases of   Suon Serey Ratha  and venerable Sieng Sovannara, pagoda chef and venerable Luon Savath etc…) 2/   Interior Ministry has advertised all out  demanding illegal Viet settlers to subscribe for  census  and payment of  25 000 riels (or   about more than  6$US)   to have right to live quite  legality in Cambodia.

It’s Time for Khmer Nation to Take their Destiny in their Hands, Rise Up, Sacrifice, Chase Vietnamese Colonization from Cambodia and Overthrow Dictator Hun Sen: for Independence, Liberty and Democracy! They​ have to Struggle until Victory with all Means by Tsunami Demonstrations and Strikes…: That is their Rights! They won’t achieve these Goals by Keeping 2nd Monarchy and Thief Hun Sen CPP’s Regime in Place: Because They Help Vietnam Colonize Cambodia, since 23 Years (for 2nd Monarchy) and 35 years (for CPP)!

Khmer Nation have to Rebel for Independence by all Means, by Tsunami Demonstrations and Strikes… Like Different People in the World!   Humanity have always Conquered their Rights by Fierce Fights. Khmer Nation Should Take Examples from Those People. Indeed: the End justifies all means. Khmer Nation must no more let CPP Hun Sen Lead Cambodia!

Seeing that Key Khmer Problems Remain without Response:
1/ Vietnamese Colonization of Cambodia
2/  Hun Sen CPP’s Dictatorship
3/  Democracy

Cambodians must to Open their eyes over Problems such as khmer Leaders’ Treason,  country’s Independence, its Territorial Integrity, Land Concessions, Environmental Pollution, Vietnamizatiion of Khmer Administration, Vietnamese Settlers. They  are  Sources of Innumerable Problems such as  the Lack and the Loss of Employment, Anarchy and Social Insecurity, Economic Development Producing Social Inequalities, Corruption, Public Health, Youth Jobless, Rigged Elections due to Presence of Vietnamese Holders of Electoral Cards, Racial and Cultural Row etc… This Kingdom will die under Vietnamese Annexation and Hun Sen’s Dictatorship. Hun Sen Dares not throw Millions of Illegal Viet Settlers out of Cambodia alike Gen. Prayuth Chan O-Cha against Illegal Khmer Migrants! To achieve this Goal, Cambodians have first to Topple Hun Sen.  CNRP has attended thief Parliament by Treason against Electors.

Frontier posts in Svay Rieng Province ( districts of  Rumduol,  Romeas Hek … ) were mobiles, having legs to move and span rivers, canals,  rice fields, roads and forests,  travelling from Vietnam to be built in lands, villages,  paddy  fields, lakes, rivers  and forests of Cambodia. But on the contrary, frontier posts in Cambodia have no mobile legs to travel into Vietnamese lands. In the Meantime, Khmer Traitor Var Kim Hong  Announced    Khmer Viet Frontier Joint Committee had secretly built frontier Posts in Svay Rieng Province. Without Presence of Journalists or Lawmakers: Because Joint Committee was not Political Parties seeking to Gain Popularity. Indeed, the Committee has obeyed to Vietnamese and Khmer Leader Puppets of Hanoi. It was Working to legitimate the new Khmer Viet Borders Line. Cambodia has right to Recuperate Kampuchea Krom. Have Vietnamese been friends of Khmer people for hundreds of thousands of years or are they Khmer People’s ancestral enemies? Since more than 63 years, Hanoi was so determined to build Indochina under its domination setting Cambodia and Laos under Vietnamese political and military domination. Alas, at the beginning of this 21st century, Vietnam still continues to trample Khmer and international laws to deceive Cambodia and its people. CPP’s Hun Sen, Chea Sim et Heng Sam Rin were betraying their fatherland by permitting new line of borders inside Cambodia’s land and authorizing illegal Vietnamese migrants to settle in Cambodia following imperialist will of  Ho Chi Minh over  Indochina.

At the International Conference over corruption, Hun Sen has been on the front line to defend his corrupted administration and on the contrary has blamed  private corruptors in many Companies. How help will Sam Raingsy kem Sokha Party be able to give victims by attending National Assembly to  resolve  big and small issues under this Hanoi Puppet Regime!

Spokesperson  Truong Van Thong of Viet Embassy in Phnom Penh, said  Kampuchea Krom or Cochin china had have not belonged to Cambodia and France have not ceded  it to Vietnam on June 04, 1949. He wouldn’t present any public apology to Khmer People. On August 12, 2014, angry and Exasperated Demonstrators have Burned Viet Flag in front of Viet Embassy in Phnom Penh. Le Hai Binh, Vietnamese Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson warned and demanded Khmer Authority to take severe measure to punish this small Group of extremists harming bilateral good relationship between the two countries and  bring  an end to such acts in the future. Khmer Lotus Revolution has expressed its entire support to Demonstrators from the beginning of their Actions and continues to back them up in their Rights to Truth and freedom of demonstration, forcing departure of Viet invaders to quit Cambodia and then stop all interference in internal khmer affairs in virtue of Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991, which Vietnam was the signatory one guaranteeing Independence, Integrity of Cambodia and Democracy. As usual, Heng Samrin has been called in to Hanoi by Viet leaders from August 18 to 20, 2014 to discuss with Nguyen Tan Dung, prime minister, Tran Tan Sang, Head of State and Nguyen Phu Trong, first secretary of Communist Party. Indeed, since Sam Rainsy Kem Sokha Party has been trapped by CPP to Attend Khmer National Assembly, Hanoi has worked to immediately swallow Cambodia in Indochina dominated by Vietnam by passing new bilateral Laws and treaties.  Hanoi has ordered Heng Samrin to care for Vietnamese population so that they can live safely in Cambodia. Hanoi has imposed him to do the best to consolidate  the bilateral relationship.  Hanoi has enjoined Samrin to take legal measures to punish a small group of khmer extremist and prevent them from resuming new illegal actions against Vietnam. Hanoi has ordered Samrin not to tolerate new protests and avoid harming good relations between two countries. Heng Samrin has responded protests came from a small group of Khmer extremist. Chheang Vun , chief parrot of foreign commission of National Assembly told audience that Vietnam don’t make any apology in place of an  individual Truong Van Thong acting personally. Chheang Vun is a khmer traitor acting for the interest of Hanoi. All above are justifying the treason of Khmer puppets of Hanoi for the colonization  of Cambodia. Khmer Nation Have to urgently rise up to liberate the Motherland!

Current Khmer Political Situation is Comparable to Human excrements embroiled in a basket shaken in the water. After negotiations on July 22, 2014  between CNRP and CPP to bring an end to current political deadlock , Khmer Nation over the world have qualified Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha as New Traitors. Venerable Luon Savath has received tribunal summons accusing him of fomenting terrorism in and out of Cambodia. In short, more than 35 years after Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, and more than 22 years after Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991, Hanoi has achieved all its main ambitions, due to bilateral treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985 and the additive treaty of 2005, by  the coup of July 5-6, 1997,  the  replacement of 2/3 vote system  by the 50%+1,  and due to rigged elections of 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013, and particularly, by the existence of Khmer traitor politicians.  Under Lon Nol’s era, there were just some thousands of Vietnamese in Cambodia. Since the end of 1978, their numbers have   increased sharply to dozens of thousands. After 5 straight mandates of Hun Sen’s rule, the figures shoot off and top several millions. Sam Rainsy, the new traitor, has recently declared his consent  to give khmer citizenship to 250 thousands Vietnamese illegal settlers. How many millions of  illegal Viets will receive khmer citizenship from the two traitors Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy, in the future? To have right to live legally in Cambodia, Vietnamese have to pay just  25000 riels,  about 6US$ !

Khmer Nation will Achieve their Goal if they will have arrived to Overthrow Traitors  Hun Sen, Heng Sam Rin, Chea Sim, Keat Chhon, Sok An, Hor Nam Hong, Var Kim Hong, Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha, etc… The Regime and the two political Parties have no Vision of Country’s Liberation.
Indeed :
1/   Since already more than 35 years, CPP’s Hun Sen has consolidated Vietnamese  colonization in Cambodia.
2/   Since already more than 22 years, CNRP’s Sam Rainsy has protected the 2nd Monarchy Puppet of Hanoi.

Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991 in effect since 22 years  stipulates that Cambodia has to be independent and  democratic. When will Khmer People overthrow Dictator Hun Sen for Independence and Democracy?
Indeed, Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen, in this 2nd Monarchy, wouldn’t and couldn’t liberate Cambodia and its People for Independence and Democracy. CNRP has already become the Party of Treason along with Hun Sen CPP. The Human Rights in Cambodia are Getting Worse and Worse.   Cambodia remains a State of non-Law, Unconstitutional and a Thief State where Courts are ruled by CPP. Under the nose of international community, Vietnam has been Annexing Cambodia since more than 35 Years: by the Overflow of Vietnamese Settlers in this Neighboring Country and by Annexation of Khmer Island Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc )…, Maritime Waters and Frontier Lands… by Contravening Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991.

To Heal these three Khmer Cancers (Vietnamese Colonization, Hun Sen CPP Dictatorship and the Lack of the Democracy),  Khmer People Must Wage Revolution in the frame of Transitional National Council (TNC) so that Hun Sen Staggers and Drops.   There will Be non-violent Tsunami by Original Conception, but by Experience and Precaution, they can Use Arms for Self Defense! Liberation of Motherland should not be considered as terrorism!

The Supreme Will of Khmer People is the Step-down of Hun Sen and the End of Vietnamese Colonization in Cambodia! CNRP was caught in the Trap put by Vietnamese, Chinese and Khmer Rouge Communists. By Tricks of CPP, alas, new Legislative Elections will be Held by Hun Sen CPP only by the End of 2018, allowing Thief Hun Sen to Continue his new 5th Mandate as if nothing had happened. Khmer People do have not to Trust CPP Puppet of Hanoi who did never Respect their Promises since already 35 years. CNRP has been Committing Treason against Khmer People Will !
44 years later, the Message of Marshal Lon Nol and Sirik Matak Remains True and Pathetic so that Khmer people should Stand up again and Put Hanoi out of Cambodia.
Khmer Nation Must not Cooperate with Traitor CPP-Hun Sen in order to precipitate their fall! They should begin from October 23, 2014  and endlessly Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution until Final Victory! Seeing that Cambodia Currently has Thief National Assembly, Thief Government and Thief Prime Minister, the Transitional National Council (TNC) is Legitimate and Necessary to Manage Revolution. If Khmer Nation (in the Country and Overseas) Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution, They Will Win!

​​         In Virtue of Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991, only by Lotus Revolution that Khmer Could:

1/    Liberate Cambodia from Vietnamese Colonization
2/  Overthrow Dictatorial Hun Sen Regime
3/  To Install Independent Institutions for Democracy !
There will be New Elections only after Lotus Revolution’s Victory, after Adopting new Regime, Installing Independent Institutions for Free Elections: Under the Rule of Transitional National Council (TNC)!​​ Khmer People will get what they have asked after Khmer Lotus Revolution’s Victory in the Frame of Transitional National Council, in the period of two or  three years.  Cambodia and its People will Win: their Demands (Independence, Liberty and Democracy…)​​ are Legitimate…Only Tsunami Demonstration, Non-Cooperation, Strikes and Generalized and Permanent Civil Disobedience could Save Cambodia! Cambodian People and Youth! Wake Up! And Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution! In the Frame of Transitional National Council (TNC), not under the will of any Political Party. By Exerting National and International Pressures,

By Blocking the Functioning of Thief National Assembly and Thief Government ….They should continuously and endlessly wage  war liberation by all means from October 23, 2014   until Final Victory!
All Together, We Will Win!

Best regards

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