Motion to the Secretary General of the UN

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To His Excellency Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres

Secretary General of the U N

NEW YORK, NY 10017 U S A

Re : Calling for the World to Reconvene  the 1991 PARIS PEACE AGREEMENT .

Dear Mr Secretary-General,

It has been almost three decades since the signing of the Paris Peace Accord of 1991.That noble treaty was once consider to be a licence for Cambodia and for all Cambodians to be free – free from foreign occupation, political repression, economical desperation and in Cambodia case , land éviction. Democracy in Cambodia  has deteriorated significantly due in part to the weakness of the Cambodian system of government where a single institution , the executive branch in this case, has sole control over other two branches of the government ,legislative and judiciary. Political affiliation and membership, bribery and corruptions, with a long entrenched old communist network of patronage system of reward and punishment, the executive authorities have full control of one of the most important organ of the country, the judicial system.

There have been many witness accounts on land evictions where families have been displaced in order to make room for rubber or sugar plantations. Then there are simply people being moved for a quick turn around profit from the cities where compensation was mediocre at best in order to speed up the so-called development project around the city capital.

Freedom and liberty that were once enjoyed during UNTAC and the few years following its departure has been suppressed to the max as time goes by .Political opposition leader has been denied of his elected duties, journalists and government critics have been fallen to victims of the country’s political court.

There is also issue of border encroachment activities by Cambodia’s neighbours, Vietnam and Thaïland, in clear violation of the treaty itself.

The credibility of the Paris Peace Accord has become a source of concern for many Cambodians who have been witnessing a return of their country from a once liberal and yet somewhat optimistic tolerating society to a much more repressive regime, particularly during the recent years. Unfortunatly, it is still funded and in large part by genourous tax-payers money around the globe without serious demand of democratic reforms or results, simply with more or less diplomatic lips services to and fro.

The latest report by the UN Special Rapporteur, Mrs Rona Smith, has not been the first to indicate serious concerns on human rights violation,political intimidation and persecution. There have been many well documented reports from local and international NGOs,Human Right Watch and Global Witness to name a few, on the extend of corruptions, forced evictions and misery of those whose lives have been shattered as a result of a cooked-up business dealing between high government officials and greedy business tycoons.

As concerned Cambodian around the world, we have come together , individually and collectively request the assistance  of His Excellency to please convey a strong and clear message to the government of Cambodia , to Prime Minister Hun Sen, that Cambodia must respect its international obligations given that the world body also has an obligation to see Cambodia remains democratic, a nation and a government that respect its own people’s rights to life, living, freedom, and liberty guaranted under the UN Charter of Rights and signed under the Paris Peace Accord of 1991.

Last but not least, we are seeking His Excellency’s support as well as other free world countries in calling for the reconvening of all signatories countries to bring Cambodia back to democracy – a genuine democratic nation whereby the three main institutions are truly independent of one another. It is also to help ensure that Cambodia’s territorial integrity remains respected as signed and agreed upon in the Paris Peace Accord 1991.

Thank you so much for your precious time and allowing each of us to bring to your attention our deep desire to see Cambodia as a genuine democratic nation, respect and uphold its values of human rights and dignity.

Respectfully Yours,

We the under-signed :

  • The Khmer Lotus Revolution Movement
  • The Tep Nimith Association
  • The Paris Peace Accord of 1991 support Association
  • The LCDHC Association
  • The Cambodian Borders Association in France
  • The committee for Justice in Cambodia
  • 200 Others cambodian signatories .*

Copy to all ambassies of the Paris Peace Agreement

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